Baswod — Sleep
Album: Four
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Total ratings: 118

Released: 2018
Length: 3:28
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So you moan out loud
While you ponder on
The things that we could not
Figure out before

Sleep crawled in our bones
And even now
We sometimes still doze of
I just tried to wake you up
While our favorite bands get on
(To the sinners to them all)

We moved so fast
But I think we’re just to slow
To be in time
(To The dreamers to them all)

So I just head back
To fall in my sleepy head
So I, so I can be alone

So I can be alone
I can be alone, alone

So you might think that I misspelled
Your name
But actually I tried
Just to say
The things I have in mind
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Sorry, Mr. G.  I just spat coffee on my keyboard.  I thought you said Aswad ...
I would rank them higher if those actually were basswood leaves on the album cover.  Not even close.
Lovely song. But the title is precisely what I might do if I listened too many times. Plus, I've heard too many tunes or forms thereof like it. 
Love it