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Neil Young
Popularity Index: 13.55
Total plays on RP (main channel): 6527
Total plays this month (main channel): 42
Average rating: 7.57
Total ratings: 49,195
Songs on RP: 89
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albumtitleyour ratingavg rating
Old Man9.0
The Needle and the Damage Done8.9
Heart Of Gold8.9
Cinnamon Girl8.7
Harvest Moon8.6
The Needle And The Damage Done8.6
Cortez The Killer8.5
My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)8.5
Sugar Mountain8.5
Down By The River8.5
Cowgirl In The Sand8.5
Unknown Legend8.3
Harvest Moon8.3
Out On The Weekend8.3
Long May You Run8.2
Comes a Time8.2
Like a Hurricane8.1
Dont Let It Bring You Down8.1
Southern Man8.1
Unknown Legend (live)8.0
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere8.0
Words (Between The Lines Of Age)8.0
Cowgirl In The Sand (live acoustic)8.0
Long May You Run8.0
Only Love Can Break Your Heart7.9
War of Man7.9
The Loner7.8
After the Gold Rush7.8
One of These Days7.7
Natural Beauty7.7
The Old Laughing Lady7.7
When You Dance I Can Really Love7.6
Razor Love7.6
Four Strong Winds7.5
Rockin' In The Free World7.5
Are You Ready For The Country7.5
Goin' Back7.5
Revolution Blues7.5
Walk On7.4
Human Highway7.4
Mr. Soul7.4
Throw Your Hatred Down7.4
The Old Laughing Lady7.3
A Man Needs a Maid7.3
Silver & Gold7.2
Look Out For My Love7.2
Human Highway7.2
Like A Hurricane (live)6.9
The Painter6.8
Good to See You6.8
Days That Used To Be6.7
I'm The Ocean6.7
See the Sky About to Rain6.6
Round & Round (It Won't Be Long)6.6
Mr. Soul6.5
Love Is a Rose6.5
After The Garden6.3
Payola Blues6.3
Trans Am6.3
No Wonder6.2
Looking For A Leader6.1
Comin' Apart At Every Nail6.0
Motorcycle Mama5.9
Field of Opportunity5.8
Prairie Wind5.6
Ordinary People5.6
Leave The Driving5.5
The Last Trip To Tulsa5.4
Flags Of Freedom5.4
Prime Of Life5.3
When God Made Me5.2
Sun Green4.7
Western Hero4.6
Shock & Awe4.2