Fleetwood Mac — Tell Me All The Things You Do
Album: Kiln House
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Released: 1970
Length: 4:08
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Tell me
Tell me all the things you do
I'll tell you
Tell you all the things I do

Tell me
Tell me all the things you do
I'll tell you
Tell you all the things I do
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RIP Danny Kirwan 6/8/18. Some of his best work here.
Now that's what I would call Fleetwood Mac.
Great tune. I bet ZZ Top could do a good version of this {#Dancingbanana_2}
Only Mac album I own. It is a good one.
Some tasty cowbell on this.
Great song by one of the most underrated guitar players of all time, Danny Kirwan. Another unfortunate casualty from the early days of the Mac, the real Fleetwood Mac. 
Great tune. But the lyrics are too complex for me. {#Nyah}
{#Dancingbanana_2}such a great tune ! if u listen carefully u can hear Christine perfect-mcvie on piano and singing even tho she is not credited on lp ie she still under contract with chicken shack at the time / what a gem !
Been a long time since I pulled this one out - it is on my list for tonight - nice pick Bill
Somewhere buried away, I have my original LP of this.  One of my favorite albums.  This song is a great highway tune!
Thank you King of Discs...{#Clap}{#Meditate} - swèèèèèèt....
They don't make em' like this anymore...freakin' outstanding! Listen to Mick killin' it on percussion! Everyone on this track is just jammin'!
 Sloggydog wrote:
Oddly my mum wouldn't believe this was a Fleetwood Mac album when I had it on in the car one day.  She was significantly less impressed by it than what I am.  We definitely enjoy opposite ends of the Fleetwood Mac catalogue.

Same here, but it's me and my daughter. I have nothing past Heroes and she starts with Rumours. I have hopes she will see the light.....
{#Bananasplit} both spencer and kirwin swapping zesty riffs NICE!
Crunchy guitar  {#Yes}  A1  
Yes, all three albums rock! Under the radar ;-) And let's not forget 'Tango In The Night" {#Cool}
 AhhtheMusic wrote:

That's exactly right.  Sometimes bands don't necessarily morph into a more improved version.  They became more famous and sold a lot of albums but their older stuff is superior in my opinion.  Thanks for resurrecting this stuff for us RP.  Helps the newer generation or lesser astute learn about the true depth of talent in this group!


Yup, this is the 'latest' FM album I own, on vinyl. After this,  ...nope. "Kiln House" is an extraordinary album end-to-end and makes a dreamy afternoon played back-to-back with "Then Play On."