Marc Cohn — Paper Walls
Album: The Rainy Season
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Released: 1993
Length: 4:15
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Well, I had just checked in when the sun came up
After ten hours on the bus.
I was staring at the stains on the ceiling, baby,
Trying not to think about us.
But then someone in a room five-oh two
started doing the thing that we used to do.
Every bang, every boom,
It was just like it was happening in my own room.

'Cause they've got paper walls, paper walls,
Paper walls... ooh, yeah.

I closed the curtain, I shut the light,
I heard the highway moan.
Next thing I remember they were having a fight,
And then, she was all alone.
I heard her cry in the darkest hour,
I heard it echo in the hotel shower,
I heard her start packing her things, so,
I called her number and I heard it ring...

Right through the paper walls, paper walls,
Paper walls, oooh yeah, now.

I've never seen such a sight before,
The way she looked when she opened the door.
Hush now baby don't make a sound,
When all your love comes a-tumblin' down...

Just like a paper wall, paper wall,
Paper wall, Ooh just like a paper wall.

It ain't the road that kills you, baby,
It's the all night calls;
It ain't the road that kills you, baby,
It's just the paper walls
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I thought this was Paul Weller for a moment
Cool song! Must have!
Robert Cray's "Right Next Door (Because Of Me) would be a good followup
reminded me of Paul Weller {#Music}
which is a good thing
I've never before heard this Marc Cohn song...thanks Bill. I love it, and will likely buy the CD!

Cheers from Hilton Head Island,
very first cohn album I heard, rest of it is great as well
First one....{#Bananajam}