Lone Justice — Don't Toss Us Away
Album: Lone Justice
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Released: 1999
Length: 4:14
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Well it seems that everyone we've known
Their love's grown cold, hearts turn to stone
One by one they break, it's such a shame
And now you say you wanna do the same

Don't toss us away so thoughtlessly
It just ain't right, oh can't you see?
I still love you
I want you to stay
Darlin' please, don't toss us away

Well, just think of all that we've been through
The world we were building, me and you
How could all those years be tossed away
In just one moment, in just one day?

Don't toss us away, it just ain't right
To let love die without a fight
I still love you
I want you to stay
Darlin' please, don't toss us away

So now I'm askin' once again
To understand, to be my friend
Oh, it hurts so bad to think you'd go
But still the same, I love you so

Don't toss us away, there's no reason why
Just because we're not perfect
Oh, you know, we still try
I still love you
I want you to stay
Darlin' please, don't toss us away

Oh darlin' please
Don't toss us away
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My ears are cringing.  Sorry fans.  PSD for this one before my colleagues sort it for me.

result:  Stone Roses.  Thanks RP.
...working, and wondering where I have heard this voice....thanks Bill for helping me remember. I had this album, on vinyl, before vinyl was hip.
this is good ...
This hasn't been played IN A DOZEN YEARS!!  Please remedy that.

"Don't Toss US Away" Live:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOxpIhxpK5Q

as in other places, in the RP Station also it has exclusions and reserves.... -    7 / 8.

it is a fact, Ms. Maria McKee a great singer in any part of the world; i think she has a new album (2008) published in United States of America, and she is originary of Los Angeles, California State.

I LOVE Maria McKee! "You Gotta Sin to Get Saved" is one of my favorite album. Good to hear some Lone Justice here.
The Singer is Maria McKee, normally I like her, but I think Bill found her worst Song. #-o I think I have to upload some better songs...
I love this song from Lone Justice's first album. A great choice. More Lone Justice, please!
Yuck. Hit mute on this one.
The singers voice kind of reminds me of Emmy Lou's, but for some reason, I can't stand this chicks voice. :stop:
Hoo boy, my ears hurt! No doubt this is fine stuff, but not to my tastes! The vocal stylings are just a tad...heavy handed? I'm trying to be polite here.