Mano Negra — Sidi H' Bibi
Album: Puta's Fever
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Released: 1989
Length: 2:34
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Haïli haïli sidi h'bibi faïn houa (bis)
Sidi h'bibi ahoua
Massah'rini ahoua
Lam'hazbini ahoua

Oua h'bibi malou oun'sani

Haïli haïli sidi h'bibi faïn houa (bis)

Ana m'rid ana m'rid Hata m'rid mabia
Haïli haïli sidi h'bibi faïn houa (bis)
Ijini oua ijini oua ijini bah'ma
Haïli haïli sidi h'bibi faïn houa (bis)

Sidi h'bibi ahoua
Massah'rini ahoua
Lam'hazbini ahoua
Oua h'bibi malou oun'sani

Haïli haïli sidi h'bibi faïn houa (bis)
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I saw Mano Negra live at The Roxy (or The Whiskey) on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles back in 1989 (or 1990). One of the best live shows I have ever seen. They were like a cross between The Clash and Fishbone. Incredible energy!
 walchenbach wrote:
i find neither the music nor the album art appealing.

I agree, appealing might be the wrong adjective, fascinating, luscious, juicy, desirable and fanciable fit a lot better :-)
Gogol Bordello with higher quality Meth.
 gerardjfe wrote:
I'm writing from Barcelona, Catalonia. Please, give a reference. This guy called "hígado" (which in Spanish means "liver"...) is following the irrational way (used by many Spanish right-wing party supporters) to insult those who think different (or like them). He never supported ETA terrorist group. Remember, supporting basque separatism doesn't mean to support a terrorist group which has similar political ideas. Accusation without proofs sucks, many people in Spain is already fed up with that kind of modern Inquisition. Guys don't ask him for references, he just...doesn't have them, because they just...don't exist.

I have to go play this entire CD much energy from back in the day!

I haven't found anything to support 'higado's' comment either...not that I would necessarily vote for airwave censorship of music based on the singer's affinities anyway.  Perhaps higado is thinking of the association with Zapatista movements?
Indy Cindy H' Bibi.
Pass the Ouzo
 Decoy wrote:
is this the new Gogol Bordello?

If anything, Gogol Bordello is the new Mano Negra.

But I prefer Manu Chao to Gogol's vocalist. 
@stalfnzo specifically and the rest of THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD in general ... ;-}

Reading the comments is a compressed time capsule of all that is wrong with the modern society!!! (jk ... {#Drool})

I especially love the reference to Reagan and the "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter".  What a sad commentary on civilisation ...

Regardless ... it's a cool song, and you can actually dance to it!!! ;-} 

Gypsy punk, my favorite music, perfect for a Saturday night ! Let's dance everybody !!!! I love it :) great sequence ! ( until now and Florence and the Machine... way to kill the mood and lose energy... )
Read this thread from the beginning. Fascinating. Deserves a 7 just on its own.
album art direction by Russ Meyers
is this the new Gogol Bordello?
If I were drunk, I'm dead certain I'd like this song better - a lot better.
INteresting! I recall getting into these guys right about the same time as Les Negresses Vertes. Similar verve! Glad to hear it here on RP...

This is a GREAT band, with great dynamics, very inventive, polystylistic, highly energetic, amazingly intelligent musically and I think undeservedly underrecognised internationally. And thank you for posting the video, korven, it's great!..................
.........Just rock ? aussi la musique africaine, flamenco, ska, salsa, reggae roots et blues.ademas également chantaient en espagnol francesy anglais arabe certains plus xD étaient les meilleurs

Good stuff. Maybe npt for all occasions but good stuff.
 prickelpit96 wrote:

Even if they would do, it would be forbidden in your country. ;)

I'll assume the smiley face means your comment is joking, as I believe the USA leads the world in porn production, among many other industries where we are world leaders.  (I'm a US citizen installing wireless and fiber networks at the brand-new King Abdullah Seaport.)

I own two Flash albums from 1972, which I bought because it was Peter Banks and they had "superb art" on the album covers.  CDs will never be able to match the LP's 12-inch format for displaying art on the jacket..
The Mano Negra album cover would indeed be forbidden in Saudi Arabia.  Which is why I'm still staring at it 15 minutes after the song has ended.  And will save it as a "favorite" on my browser.  (Saudi is starting to mess with my head.)
Is something wrong with my speakers or is this heavily distorted?
 japkil wrote:

come on, americans are that puritanical, it's really sad!
in europe is what i think you could call real freedom! you think you know "real freedom"? Just because you live
in europe? You must be joking....