David Lindley — Bon Ton Roulie
Album: Official Bootleg
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Released: 1994
Length: 6:35
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Saw DL perform this piece solo at the beginning of last year. The man can play, but he is showing signs of stuck-in-a-groove-itis.
There's a reason the Lyrics tab is empty.
 pfwashburn9485 wrote:
Dave always makes me smile >>> 8 .... from Connecticut 

He's so fun...live {#Dance}

shakey shakey hoo hoooo
Oh ya!  Soooo good!
        Official Bootleg is a
        Relative Stranger.
        Good grief ?
 got a bit of SRV flair goin on there.. {#Cheers}
Big thank you Mr. Lindley

love that wigglin' pickle

Uploaded on Dec 15, 2008

El Rayo-X, Your Old Lady, David Lindley


 fredriley wrote:
Is this really how the cajuns spell "bons temps roulée"? And how on earth can a recording be an "official bootleg" - shurely shome oxymoron? The noun/verb 'bootleg' comes from smuggling days and the whole essence of bootlegging is illegality - see the Chambers definition.
Depends on which Cajun you ask, I suspect — but that's how Lindley spells it on the CD cover.

As for the album title, Dave *hated* having bootleg recordings of his shows sold. In part because of the money, but even more so because they always — in his opinion — used recordings of his very worst shows. So he picked a live recording he liked, and released it as an "official bootleg".  He did at least 2 of them. Unfortunately very hard to find.
Is that an euglena in your post? 

This song makes me think of unicelular organisms and what they would sound if they could sing!

Felix_The_Cat wrote:


Hibba, hibba jabba,
de gono haya haya dooga,
me noa haya heya heya,
de-gaba gaba gaba gooba,

Seriously, like the original Dylan version SO much better.
Wonderful.  Inspires me to visit this wonderful part of the world.
Got my tickets for the 2015 New Orleans Jazz Fest.....but I won't be watching any Zydeco acts....not a fan.
and his hair was.. well.....
David Lindley Guitar Town
Mr. Dave Rocks! and swangs!  anne mekke me laugh! {#Bananajam}{#Boohoo}{#Jump}{#Notworthy}
 jhorton wrote:
Before every show:

Stage Manager Guy: " Dave, grab your guitar, it's time to go on."

Dave: " I play guitar?" 

{#Roflol}{#Roflol}{#Roflol}{#Roflol}... Awesome. It paints a gorgeous picture of accidental genius.