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iPhone & iPad App
Free download in the iTunes App Store

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Features our HD Slideshow of images synchronized to the music (particularly nice when viewed on an iPad or iPhone 6 Plus), song lyrics, and the comments & opinions about the songs from your fellow RP listeners.

Our new cache feature eliminates dropouts & buffering, even when your cellular connection is weak or intermittent. With its default setting, the cache will play RP for up to 15 minutes after you've lost networking.

To cache up to 6 hours of RP for offline listening, click the 'cloud' icon on the main app screen to access the cache settings screen. Set the slider to the amount of time you want to cache. If you activate the "Use WiFi Only" switch, the app will play from the cache only once you disconnect from your WiFi network.

If you stop the app after the cache is full, you can restart it again later for offline listening. When you reconnect to WiFi, the app will seamlessly reconnect to RP in real time. If you want to preserve the RP cache, make sure to active the "Try to preserve cache" slider on the cache settings screen, or stop playback before you connect to a WiFi network.

Note that the cache will only load while RP is playing (volume down is OK). This is a limitation of iOS, which doesn't allow background file downloads by apps.

If you experience any problems with the app, first try deleting it and reinstalling it from the app store.

If you still have problems, please email us before posting a negative review. Thanks.